Winter&Mae's Christmas in July - Top 3 Product Picks

Winter&Mae's Christmas in July - Top 3 Product Picks

With Winter&Mae being Australian owned and a fan favourite for online baby stores within Australia, when we think of Christmas In July, our minds instantly lead with joining the rest of the world by a Mediterranean beach, enjoying gelato with friends, family, and foreigners.

If you live in Australia right now, you're currently unable to fly to those summer dreaming destinations.

In this article, we're showcasing Winter&Mae's top 3 products for Christmas in July to help Australian parents pick sustainable, ethical, and creatively designed unique gifts for babies and kids that are cleverly designed to serve purpose ethically without sacrificing fashionable style.  

Top 3 Product Picks for Christmas in July

Woven Rainbow Wall Hanging – Pastel Love

Add a colourful touch with this unique gift for babies and young mini-me's with the Woven Rainbow Wall Hanging in Pastel to make any wall and room feel complete.

The hanging rainbow is made of yarn, cotton, and rope. Not only are these materials sustainable, but they have been used for generations, which brings a little bit of history to this piece. We picture this rainbow in a summer room with expansive windows to smell the European summer breeze.

Rising Sun Teether – Marigold 

Simple yet effective. Winter&Mae's Rising Sun Teethers are designed with a stylish sunset groove that is one of the best baby care products that we sell on our online baby store in Australia. The teether is made using 100% BPA free food-grade silicone that is safe for your little ones to grip onto when teething.

TIP: Place your teether in the freezer before your baby uses it to make it cold to aid their teething irritation. 

The marigold colour is paired nicely with a cute linen outfit, making it easy and stylish to deal with teething when going out with the babies.

Bamboo Cotton Swaddle – Floral Bloom

For the love of floral! Imagine your cradling your baby in Tuscany with this Italian inspired Bamboo Cotton Swaddle in a Floral Bloom pattern that is the perfect shape and size when swaddling your newborn baby.

The wrap is lightweight and breathable and not to mention Hypoallergenic with
antibacterial properties. Bamboo cotton is versatile enough to work in any season, keeping your baby cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

When researching for online baby stores in Australia, consider going with the small local business for three reasons. 
1. We sell memories and imagination starters through beautiful, intelligent, and ethical products. 
2. You're helping a neighbour that has a small business reach new heights and
3.  Purchasing from Australian companies is what the country needs right now.
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If you have any questions regarding any products that we sell, click on the chat with us button, and the team at Winter&Mae can help you from there. 

Winter&Mae sends well wishes to all, and fingers crossed we can start to use our passports again very soon!

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